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OSU Men's Basketball Preview

by noreply@blogger.com (Sean) @ The 614

Now that football's out of the way until January 8th, we can safely turn our attention to basketball for a bit. The timing's especially good, since OSU takes on North Carolina in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge tomorrow night.

So, with no further ado, let's take a look at the team. Let's begin with the starters:

Mike Conley - One of the Thad Five, he has been starting at point guard all season, which was something of a surprise to me. I thought he was good, but nowhere near good enough to displace Jamar Butler (which he has only sort of done, as we'll discuss). I must admit, though, that he has exceeded my expectations. He has been distributing the ball very well, averaging 6.3 assists per game even without Greg Oden to feed the ball to in the middle. Even more impressive, he averages 2.9 assists for every turnover, which is good for anyone, and great for a true freshman point guard. He's also averaging 3.2 steals a game. The only negative is that he doesn't have much of an outside shot, going 1-7 on his threes. As the Wonk mentioned, at least he seems to be aware that he doesn't shoot well from outside, since he's only attempted seven threes. He does a good job driving to the basket. He's going to be something special before he's done here.

Jamar Butler - Butler plays shooting guard when Conley's on the floor and point guard when Conley's out. I was going to write here that Butler's taken on more of a scoring role, but the numbers don't exactly back me up there, as he's averaging 8.8 points a game - not exactly a gaudy number. He's still averaging 5.7 assists per game, which is a good number (as is his assists to turnover ratio, 2.1). He's only shooting 36.8% from behind the arc, which (while not terrible) does explain his relative lack of point production, since 82.6% of his shots are threes. Presumably his three point average will creep up toward 40%, and his scoring average will increase accordingly. He's in something of an unusual situation when he's playing with Conley: he's a distributor asked to be a scorer, instead of the other way around. The double role will take some getting used to for him, I expect. It also makes him tough to evaluate: 6 assists is good for a shooting guard, but decent for a point guard, while 9 points is acceptable for a point guard, but not enough for a starting shooting guard. He's an excellent point guard occasionally playing shooting guard, with all the positives and negatives that come along with it.

Ron Lewis - The scorer of the starting five. He's averaging 17 points and five rebounds per game. 59% of his shots are threes, and he hits 47.2% of them, which is good. Last year, his outside shot was the weak part of his game, offensively, and he seems to have worked on it. He's been asked to shoulder more of the scoring load, and he's handled it with no problem. The only question mark I have about him is his defensive ability. I don't mean to say that he isn't a good defender, just that I don't know if he is or not. I can't say I'm a great evaluator of defensive basketball skills, and the team as a whole hasn't been tested all season. Out of all the starters, he's the one I'm least worried about on a nightly basis. His job is to score, and you can count on him to get it done. If the three is falling, he's not afraid to shoot. If it's not, he's not afraid to drive.

David Lighty - Another of the Thad Five, he's considered the defensive stopper of the starters, if not the team, which is another way to say "his contribution is difficult to quantify." His numbers are alright (8.3/3.2/1.5), but not great. And, like I said, I can't tell you if he's been that great on defense or not. But he's still starting and getting plenty of playing time, so apparently Thad Matta's satisfied with his performance. And since Thad's the one getting the big bucks to know what's what basketball-wise, I'll defer to his judgement.

Othello Hunter - The least-heralded of the Thad Five, and a pleasant surprise so far. He's averaging 7.7 points and 7.2 rebounds per game. You add in the 1.8 blocks per game and you have a solid interior player. He's no Terence Dials, but he's not being asked to score like Dials was last year. All he has to do is be a solid role player, and he's done that and more. He rebounds well, and he's a capable scorer. He'll complement whatshisname nicely when he returns (arrives?).

Daequan Cook - Cook is the best scorer on the team, and he may be the best player on this team under seven feet tall. He leads the team in points (17.8) and is second in rebounds (7.2). He's hitting 48% of his threes, though only 33.8% of his shots are threes. He also throws in 1.7 assists and 1.2 steals per game. My usual note about defensive ability applies, but from what we've seen so far, he's the real deal. Everyone's worried about Greg Oden leaving at the end of the year, but by season's end, we may be just as worried about Cook leaving.

Ivan Harris - Ivan Harris is a shooter, plain and simple. If the shots are falling, he puts up a lot of points. If they aren't, he's still shooting, which is not a good thing. Fortunately, the shots have been falling for most of the season. He's third on the team at 11.3 ppg, and he's hitting on 46.4% of his threes. I have to think a guy like Harris would drive a coach crazy. When he gets the ball, there's a good chance he's shooting, regardless of whether his shots are falling, how much time is left on the shot clock, if he's open or not, or if he's even on the appropriate side of half court. But you don't want to tell him to stop, because if a guy is making almost half of his threes, he can put up points in a hurry. Here's hoping he keeps hitting at this pace all season.

Matt Terwilliger - Most of the time, you know what to expect from Twiggy. He's a decent big man, but not spectacular. He seldom does something really impressive, but he doesn't do much wrong, either, which is what you want to see from a backup big man. He's averaging 5.3 points and 2.8 rebounds per game, which isn't bad for a backup, and he's hit 61.9% of his shots, though he's only had 21 attempts. Considering he's not playing that much less than Othello Hunter, though, I'd like to see more production from him. I am still willing to lead his fan club, however, for two reasons: he's the only person on the team that's perfect from behind the arc (one for one), and he had a really awesome dunk against Loyola (which I still need video of, incidentally). If he can occasionally display unexpected awesomeness like that, he'll be okay in my book.

Greg Oden - He's done a great job of wearing street clothes thus far, though I question his decision to accessorize with a towel. As for actual basketball-related skills? He grades incomplete thus far, but I'm hoping awesomeness is forthcoming.

Are the Milwaukee Bucks for Real?

by Luc Parker @ Midwest Sports Fans

The Milwaukee Bucks have been far bettr than expected this season. Despite losing No. 2 overall pick Jabari Parker for the season with an ACL injury, Milwaukee is still in the hunt for a playoff berth in the Eastern Conference. But are the Bucks for real, or will they fade as the season continues?

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Mystery Spider (Salticidae?)

by noreply@blogger.com (Brittanie) @ Insects Galore!

1 of 5

Found this in my room this morning..........they just continue to outdo themselves. I'm thinking it's a Salticid but other then that I have no idea. Will be submitting video stills to Bugguide for possible ID's.......if I'm lucky I could get atleast to genera. XD

Another (better quality/viewing):

Facebook takes away the quality of videos. -_- This was/is much clearer elsewhere. But at least you can have an idea of what he (I believe it's a male since the pedipalps are visible and longish) looks like.

First of many creepy crawlies to come out. The others were wasps (Polistes dominula & 1 HUGE unidentified one). But for the most part it's been "quiet". Lots of flowers though. The weather is absolutely off it's rocker. Not normal Spring weather at all.

I'd like it go back to normal so I can enjoy it and look for my lovely angels please. ^^ Until next time. I'm off to try and ID this little fella

Wish me luck!

Michelle Pfeiffer & Gwyneth Paltrow - Variety's Power Of Women Event

by dowcat @ Gossip Rocks Forum

Image: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2017/10/13/21/454E90C100000578-4978828-image-m-200_1507926165179.jpg Image:...

Gonzo's Gone. . . zo

by noreply@blogger.com (Sean) @ The 614

Per The Ozone, who presumably has someone at Anthony Gonzalez's press conference, Gonzo is passing up his final year of eligibility and declaring for the draft. Ted Ginn is expected to announce before long that he's also entering the draft, but Gonzo's officially headed to the draft.

It's not a major surprise. While Ginn was the better athlete and a good receiver in his own right, Gonzo was the best receiver on the team this season. We'd all hoped he'd stay out of a love for college life or a desire to not end his collegiate career on such a down note, but he and Antonio Pittman are probably the two most NFL-ready juniors on the roster.

Initially, my concern, for both Gonzo and Ginn (assuming he goes), was that they might be underestimating the depth of the receiver class this year. Jeff Samardzija, Calvin Johnson, and Dwayne Jarrett could all easily be drafted before either OSU receiver. With excellent workouts, Robert Meachem from Tennessee and Sidney Rice from South Carolina are two other juniors that could give Gonzo and Ginn some competition. Is it worth leaving school early to be the fourth or fifth wide receiver drafted?

Last year, it certainly wasn't. Santonio Holmes was the only wide receiver drafted in the first round. But if you look at other drafts, their decisions make more sense. Six wide receivers went in the first round in 2005 and seven went in 2004. So in reality, both guys would likely be taking first round money by leaving early, and that's something that's worth doing, especially when they could end up hurting their draft stock by staying and working with a new quarterback. Gonzo (and presumably Ginn) made the safe choice, and probably the smart choice.

But where does this leave Ohio State for 2007? In a rather nebulous cloud of receiving mystery and potential. Brian Robiskie will move to number one receiver, up from rough number 3.5 receiver. He was pretty good this season, but there wasn't a whole lot asked of him. All he had to do was capitalize on openings created by Ginn and Gonzo. How will he respond to the dramatically increased attention?

Opposite him will likely be Brian Hartline, who was the fourth or fifth receiver this past season. He looked pretty decent over the course of the season, but as the fourth or fifth option, it's tough to look bad, unless you're helping the defense make tackles or running the wrong way with the ball or something. He came in as a pretty highly-touted recruit, so we'll get to see what has become of that potential.

But we'll save the in-depth looks at the receiving corps for much later. For now, good look to Gonzo and (again, presumably) Ginn in the draft, and good luck to the Brians that will be replacing them.

Update: There's an AP article with some more information on Gonzo leaving. The biggest piece of new info from it is that an NFL committee told him that he would be a second-round pick. Interesting that he decided that the risks inherent in returning for another year outweighed the benefits (chief among them: a degree and a better contract if he improved his stock to first-round status). Not necessarily a wrong decision by him; who are we to tell him what's best for him? But interesting. The question is: did he just want to make the safe play and head to the NFL, or does he suspect something about next year's offense that the rest of us might not?

Buckeye Depth Chart Getting Big Boost Up Front — Quick Thoughts

by Tony Gerdeman @ The-Ozone

Ohio State's depth chart for the game Saturday night at Nebraska has been released. Normally, there isn't always something to talk about. Normally, however, there isn't usually one player returning from suspension, another missing the first half due to suspension, a starter lost for the season due to injury, and two other starters...

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How to delete the Fox News Roller Coaster Accident Spam/Scam Post and App Permissions from Facebook

by mplysiak @ Website Design and Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Please click the share button above if you found this information useful. We here at Dominant Domains would appreciate it! The story about the roller coaster veering off the track at universal studios is fake. These are the instructions on how to remove it and the APP permissions from your facebook account. There are three […]

National Championship Postgame - A Guest Piece

by noreply@blogger.com (Sean) @ The 614

As I mentioned earlier, I'm not especially interested in rewatching, thinking about, or acknowledging the national championship game. I felt a little bad about not providing any analysis, but it was my sanity at stake, so you all were out of luck. Or so I thought. Jeff Forward, an Ohio State alum out on the West Coast, e-mailed me a piece sharing his thoughts on what went wrong Monday night. I figured I'd share it with you all, since it allows me to post thoughts on the game without actually having to think about the game. I'd like to emphasize that this is his work, not mine. All the credit for the time and effort put in goes to him. I just did the cut-and-paste shuffle. I don't agree with all of it, but he does make some good points. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments, or send them to Jeff here.


Why The Buckeyes Got Trounced - A Few Theories
By Jeff Forward

I don't think any sane Buckeye fan thought that what happened on Monday was possible. I am sure that a 41-14 butt-whupping with a mere 80-some yards of offense was not on anyone's mind.

But, that's exactly what happened in a stunning and painful fashion. As I sat in a sports bar in Granite Bay, Calif. with 120 other Ohio State fans and alumni, the pain of the game grew with each passing minute and Tim Tebow run up the gut of a tired, on-the-field for 40-minutes Buckeye defense.

Obviously the press jumped on this blow-out in typical fashion, with Lee Corso from ESPN telling viewers the Gators would beat Ohio State nine out of 10 games. Amazing how fast they switch sides, isn't it.

Here are my theories of why what happened in Glendale happened.

The Florida Gators simply played the best game they possibly could on the same night that Ohio State played their absolute worst game possible. When they showed the stats of Chris Leak through the first quarter, he was having a near perfect game. I didn't think he could maintain that for four quarters, but it's exactly what he did. Same thing goes for the entire UF team. They all played their best on the night the Buckeyes played their worst.

I am sorry, but 51 days between games for the Buckeyes was insane and unfair. Florida had an extra two weeks of serious, meaningful practice and two difficult and important games on the road while OSU was at home twiddling their thumbs. Say what you will, but it was obvious the Buckeyes were rusty.

Bringing me to this point: give credit to Urban Meyer for realizing the Buckeyes would be rusty and out-of-sync and creating a great game plan for the beginning of the game to exploit this. As things unfolded and the Gators were en route to 21-unanswered points, I turned to a friend and said, "Meyer has run nearly every trick play in the book in the first quarter alone." My friend replied the Gators hadn't run a reverse yet. Well, two plays later, there it was - a Percy Harvin reverse. Those trick plays really affected the Buckeye defense and its confidence.

As much as it pains me to say this, Jim Tressel did a very poor job preparing the Buckeyes for this game. And, during the game, he made some very questionable calls and decisions. Not only that, but Tressel and his staff did not make any in-game changes to the game plan or strategy which may have swung momentum back to the Buckeyes.

Trailing 21-7, Tressel decided to run the ball. Troy Smith and Antonio Pittman combined for a lot of yards on the ground and OSU scored and cut the lead to 21-14. A great three-and-out by the defense gave the Buckeyes the ball back with a prime chance to climb even at 21. But, instead of going back to the successful running of the previous drive, Tressel had Troy throw on first down - incomplete; and then throw on the next two downs - both incomplete; and was forced to punt. Why not stick with the run when it was already successful and Troy's bad passing game was so very evident? Then there was an ill-advised fourth and one play that was a failure and led to more points.

The last questionable coaching decision Tressel did not make was benching Troy Smith. As soon as I mentioned this, my friends laid into me. "Come on," they said. "Troy is the Heisman winner. We have to stick with him." I agree to a point. But by the third quarter it was evident that Troy was not going to get any better. He was playing poorly on all fronts and was not improving. Why not put Justin Zwick into the game? I mean, this guy has started a lot of games and he can throw the ball. He may not be as mobile as Troy or the leader, but with the terrible game Troy was playing with no signs of getting better, why not gamble and put Zwick in?

I can see it now....add in a tight end on every play for extra protection on the offensive line, put Stan White at fullback and rotate Pittman and Chris Wells and have two receivers and run - no, pound - the ball until you make them honest on defense. Then throw when things open up. I was saddened to not see Zwick in the game for at least one or two series at the end.

My final thought is the Ted Ginn Jr. injury affected the Buckeye offense much more than any of us could have imagined. After the big win over Michigan, Troy was on the set of Game Day and told the crew that he felt Ted Ginn Jr. should win the Heisman. That's how important Troy thinks Ginn is to this offense. With Ginn out of the picture, there was no worrying about everything he could and can do by the Gator defense. No direct snaps to Ginn. No reverses. No post routes blowing by a DB. No punt or kick-off returns. That absence of talent and speed hurt the Buckeye offense and special teams, no question.

In the end, people will say Florida deserved the title and are the champs. But, I can't help but wonder what the outcome may have been if this game was played in December. But, as my father always said, if my grandma had balls, she'd be my grandpa.

Here's to next season and thanks to the Ohio State football team for one hell of a ride and a lot of memories I will never forget. Well, there is one memory I hope goes away fast. I think you know what I am talking about.

Bill Belichick Delivers Press Conference for the Ages

by Zach Rastall @ Midwest Sports Fans

Bill Belichick has accomplished a ton throughout the course of his Hall of Fame coaching career, including 211 regular-season wins, an NFL-record 21 postseason victories and three Super Bowl titles. But on Saturday afternoon, he delivered his magnum opus.

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Ohio State vs. Florida Postgame

by noreply@blogger.com (Sean) @ The 614

Well, that sucked. Ohio State lost, 86-60. The Buckeyes were outshot, outrebounded, and outplayed by the Gators. Mike Conley played well for the Buckeyes, posting 13 points, five rebounds, and seven assists. He also played pretty well defensively, chipping in three steals. He was outscored by his counterpart from Florida, Taurean Green, who went for 24 points. Conley's the only Buckeye who I thought played well.

Greg Oden had seven points, seven rebounds, and four blocks. Florida, surprisingly, had success driving to the basket in the second half. I chalk this up to Oden being tired, since Othello Hunter did not play well. As a result, Oden played most of the second half, and by the end of the game, didn't look much better than Hunter (and that's a bad thing). It raises the question: why didn't Matt Terwilliger play before garbage time? True, he's not as talented as Oden or Hunter, but he can be a solid player, and solid's what we needed from Oden's backup. Hunter seemed almost invisible when Florida went into the lane; someone who was tangible would have been an improvement.

Regardless, Oden was outplayed by his counterpart from the Gators, who turned out to be not Joakim Noah, but Al Horford. Apparently, when Billy Donovan said "He's not going to play," he meant Horford was going to play 27 minutes. He had a double-double, going for 11 points and 11 rebounds.

But whether Horford played or not, the Gators were going to win. They made 50% of their threes; the Buckeyes made 35.9% of their total shots. Florida outrebounded Ohio State, 37-20. Ohio State had 13 turnovers to Florida's 16, but that's the only statistic where the Buckeyes had an advantage.

So what can we take from this? Well, this should quiet down the Oden hype for a while, though people shouldn't be too critical of a guy that still has a ways to go before he's healthy. And we've learned again that Ohio State loses when they can't make threes, but that's not exactly news. That the Buckeyes did so poorly on the glass was a concern. A perimeter-oriented team is going to get outrebounded by a team with two quality big men; that's not a surprise. But if the Buckeyes are going to be outrebounded by 2 to 1 margins, they are going to lose more games.

Looking at the big picture, though, I'm willing to trade a loss in the basketball game against Florida for a win in the football game. Here's hoping we get it.

Four Things to Watch: Michigan vs. Michigan State Game Preview

by Adam Svenson @ MGoFish

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Tara Reid - American Satan Premiere

by dowcat @ Gossip Rocks Forum

Image: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2017/10/13/12/454AC84900000578-4977276-image-m-48_1507893719123.jpg Image:...

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SEO – Don’t believe everything you read or fall for sales gimmicks.

by mplysiak @ Website Design and Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Every once in a while I get a call from a customer saying they read an article and why aren’t we doing this or I went to website and they scored my website as weak in this area. SEO is very complex and there are very few sources of information that can be considered completely […]

Rene� Zellweger In Carolina Herrera � �Same Kind Of Different As Me� LA Premiere

by dowcat @ Gossip Rocks Forum


College Football Rivalries: Ohio Sate - Michigan Preview | November 22, 2008

College Football Rivalries: Ohio Sate - Michigan Preview | November 22, 2008

Midwest Sports Fans

Ohio State and Michigan renew their rivalry in The Game this weekend, November 22, 2008. Michigan is already guaranteed to have their worst season and hopes to play spoiler to the Big Ten title hopes of Ohio State.

Ohio State vs. Florida (Basketball) Preview

by noreply@blogger.com (Sean) @ The 614

The first big game against the Gators comes tomorrow for the Buckeyes. To break it down, I will dust off the ol' Hypothetical Interviewer 9000.

Florida. They won the national championship last year, and they brought everyone back. Statistically, where do we have an advantage against these guys?
Well, we score a few more points per game than they do, but the shootout against VMI skews that a bit. We also defend the three a bit better than they do.

That's it?
Pretty much.

Not necessarily. Team statistics go to Florida, but matchups and player statistics go to the Buckeyes.

Prove it. Mike Conley versus Taurean Green.
I give that one to Conley. More assists in fewer minutes than Green, and fewer turnovers. Green shoots better from outside than Conley, and scores more points per game (12.8 vs. 9.7), but in terms of points per shot (because I'm too lazy to calculate PPWS, I use ESPN.com's PPS), Green's advantage is smaller. Conley also creates more steals. Conley passes better, turns the ball over less, forces more turnovers, and scores almost as well as Green, so I give him the nod.

Next: Jamar Butler versus Lee Humphrey.
Push. Humphrey's a better scorer by just about every measurable statistic, but Butler's much better in assists and assists/turnover ratio. Butler also forces more turnovers. So it depends on whether you need a scorer or a passer. I'd say both players have worked out pretty well for their teams.

Alright, how does Ron Lewis stack up against Corey Brewer?
Size-wise, not very well. Brewer's 6'9", Lewis is 6'4". I compare them only because Brewer plays the 3, while Lewis is a third guard. But oddly enough, they both produce similarly. Oddly enough, Brewer averages more assists (3.6 to 1.4). Brewer averages 4.4 boards per game, Lewis averages 4.0. Lewis outscores Brewer, 15.3 points to 11.1. But then, Lewis plays about five more minutes per game than Brewer, so Brewer actually holds an even bigger advantage in assists and rebounds, and Lewis's advantage in points is smaller. Lewis is, however, a more efficient scorer (1.66 PPS) than Brewer (1.30). So, again, it depends on what the team needs. Lewis is more of a pure scorer, while Brewer can do a variety of things. He's like a Swiss Army knife with a jumpshot, minus the corkscrew and crappy tweezers.

Next up, Al Horford versus-
Get with the times, 9000! Horford is not expected to play (HT: Buckeye Commentary).

Okay, who's his replacement? And who do we compare him to? Another post player like Othello Hunter or Ivan Harris? Or Daequan Cook, who plays more minutes?
So many questions. Well, Chris Richard, a 6'9" senior averaging 5.5 and 2.9, is expected to replace him. So, I suppose we should compare him to Harris, since Harris started the last game and will probably start this one. I think this matchup goes to the Buckeyes. Harris plays just three more minutes per game, but averages 5.9 more points and 1.4 more rebounds. Richard might be a little better inside, but Harris is much better outside. My impression of Richard (having seen little of Florida) is that he's not unlike Matt Terwilliger, capable but not outstanding. When Harris is making shots, he's outstanding.

And the most anticipated matchup: Greg Oden versus Joakim Noah.
Wednesday night, I watched the Ohio State women's team take on Oklahoma.

Warning: You are getting off topic. I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Sean.
You're creeping me out, HI9000. And I'm going somewhere with this. The highlight of the OSU-OU game was our Jessica Davenport versus their Courtney Paris. Paris is the hotshot young center, perhaps the best in women's college basketball, while Davenport is close behind, but much more experienced. OSU won, and Davenport had a good game. So did Paris, but Davenport made her work for it. Paris finished with 22 and 13, but on 10 of 24 shooting. Davenport had a less impressive, but more efficient, 14 and 10. That's sort of what I expect to happen here, with Oden in the young gun role, and Noah playing the savvy vet. Oden has the size and talent to get the points, but Noah has the talent and experience to make it difficult for Oden. Meanwhile Noah, a better passer than Oden, will be keeping his offense flowing, even if he's not getting good looks. I call it a push, in part because Oden still isn't 100%. But it'll be great to watch.

What about the bench?
I think this is an advantage for the Buckeyes. The Gators are about as deep as Ohio State, but they don't have anyone like Daequan Cook on the bench. With Horford out, they lose depth among their big men, which is good news for Hunter and Twiggy. And I haven't even mentioned David Lighty.

What does this all mean?
I think Florida will try to avoid getting into a fast-paced game. The loss of Horford gives them one less player, and if both teams need a lot of minutes from their benches, the advantage goes to the Buckeyes. Ohio State might let them slow it down, because they've been playing slower while trying to get the ball to Oden. If the Buckeyes are willing to run and take advantage of their athletes, I think it'll be good for them. And if their threes are falling, I don't think it matters what Florida does, the Buckeyes win. But if it's a slow game with Ohio State wasting possessions by shooting bricks from outside, Florida could win comfortably.

Summarize, for the readers who are too lazy to read the whole thing.
Florida's experience makes them more than the sum of their parts, but Ohio State's parts are better. The Gators are seriously hurt by the loss of Horford, but they're at home and do everything well. If Oden's effective and the threes are falling, OSU wins comfortably. If the Buckeyes' shooting is off, Florida can collapse on Oden. If they do that and execute on the offensive end, the Gators win.

Any prediction?
The Buckeyes haven't been shooting well lately; this would be a good time to get the outside shot back on track. I say they do. I further say that Oden will have his worst game of the year, going for something around 16 points and nine rebounds on shooting a bit under 50%. However, the Buckeyes do enough to beat the Horford-less Gators, 72-68.

Buckeye Used Car Dealership - In-Power Motors LLC

Buckeye Used Car Dealership - In-Power Motors LLC

In-Power Motors LLC

Summary User Rating5 based on 2 votes Service Type Used Car Sales Provider Name In-Power Motors LLC, …

General Surgery

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I could use some help on coding an operative note, i feel like i am totally missing something in this report I have read it so many times and have...

Alabama Recruiting: The latest news surrounding Crimson Tide recruiting

Alabama Recruiting: The latest news surrounding Crimson Tide recruiting

SEC Country

Emory Jones, a 4-star quarterback from Heard County High School, is one of Alabama's top targets at the position in the 2018 class.

Orange County Public Schools Superintendent Excels

by Real Estate Agents Florida @ 1% Guys

Orange County Public Schools Superintendent Excels   Winter Garden has new homes that offer a host of amenities and many of the features today’s families are looking for. If you ...

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CANPC book publication by Vino C. Mody Jr., COC, CPC, CCS-P, CANPC, CCVTC

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Dear Sir: I would like to publish my websites on the internet. Corporate websites for Healthcare Administrative Consulting Service: ...

TKE under suspension amid investigation for conduct violation

by Owen Daugherty @ The Lantern

The Ohio State Omicron fraternity chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon has been placed on interim suspension for a student code of conduct violation.   Details are not known at this time regarding the exact violation, but the university is conducting an investigation on the matter, said Dave Isaacs, spokesman for the Office of Student Life. ...

2018 Best Guess Recruiting Class: September 30th

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Baylor, TCU Did Not Get Snubbed

by Kurt Allen @ Midwest Sports Fans

Two plus two does not equal five, or even six.

That is the reality of the College Football Playoff. With five major conferences, it is assured at least one would not be represented and their would be the inevitable controversy and at one team being ‘snubbed’.

Snub is one of my favorite terms in sports media, right alongside ‘choke’ and a team ‘controlling it’s own destiny’.

Which brings us to Ohio State being selected over TCU and Baylor by the selection committee just five days after the previous ranking deemed TCU better than Florida State for the number three seed.

So after thrashing lowly Iowa State 55-3, the Horned Frogs dropped not only behind the Seminoles, but also Ohio State and Baylor.

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SEO’s Can No Longer Rely On a Great Domain Name for Rankings

by mplysiak @ Website Design and Search Engine Optimization – SEO

October 2012 brought with it a new, and in my opinion a welcome, change to Google’s algorithm. Companies and SEO’s can no longer rely on a strong domain name that matches the search terms to propel their website to the top of the Google SERP. For example, in the past if someone did a search […]

Wolverines Lead Big Ten

by admin @ Buckeye Wolverine Shop

Coming off of a very convincing 84-53 win over Illinois on the road, the Michigan Wolverines (22-7, 14-3) are back at home to face the Indiana Hoosiers (17-13, 7-10) in their season finale. This is basically a tune-up for the … Continue reading

Two-Minute Drill: Urban Meyer B1G Teleconference Oct 10

by Tony Gerdeman @ The-Ozone

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer spent a few minutes on the Big Ten coaches teleconference. It was his first meeting with the media this week. He provided some updates on his football team and also looked ahead to Saturday night's matchup against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Here are the highlights.

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The-Ozone Staff Picks — Ohio State at Nebraska

by Tony Gerdeman @ The-Ozone

Ohio State heads to Nebraska for an evening kickoff on Saturday. The Buckeyes are significant favorite over the Huskers, but will our staff picks agree with Vegas?

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Coming to Crisler: 2018 SG Adrien Nunez Commits to Michigan

by Garrett Fishaw @ MGoFish

John Beilein has proven time and again that he’s one of the best developers of talent in the college basketball coaching ranks. He’s had a knack for developing lower ranked players into NBA draft picks Read More ...

Silver Bullets Podcast — Episode 10: Buckeyes Invading Lincoln

by Shannon Sommers @ The-Ozone

Shannon Sommers and Chip Minnich are back to give some of their quick thoughts on the Maryland game. J.P. Scott of Athlon Sports joins the guys to help break down the Nebraska Cornhuskers. They discuss the offense and defense but also touch on the Mike Riley situation in Lincoln. Also some recommendations for bars or restaurants...

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Creating Backlinks

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Building backlinks is one of the most important SEO tactics  utilized to increase a websites page rank. Think of backlinks as recommendations from other websites.  The more recommendations or votes your site has the higher search engines will rank your site and the more visitors it will draw. Directory listings, comments, and guest posts are […]

Durian Management Co - Management Consulting - Buckeye, 85396, AZ

Durian Management Co - Management Consulting - Buckeye, 85396, AZ


Information about Durian Management Co located in Buckeye 85396, AZ. Business is Management Consulting.

Chicago Bears: Three positive takeaways in a season to forget

by Tyler Juranovich @ Midwest Sports Fans

It's finally over, Bears fans.

No more watching a passionless, unmotivated football team every week. Your energy can now be used watching the Bulls and Blackhawks - teams that are among the best in their respective leagues.

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Wild-Avalanche Rivalry Reaching New Heights

by Zach Rastall @ Midwest Sports Fans

In sports everyone loves a good rivalry, and the National Hockey League is no exception. From Bruins-Canadiens to Red Wings-Avalanche, the NHL has a rich history of intense rivalries between teams and fan bases that love nothing more than to hate one another. Well, the league’s next rivalry might be brewing out in the Western […]

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Women’s Volleyball: The Buckeyes hit the road again to face No. 6 Illinois and Northwestern

by Rebecca Farage @ The Lantern

The Ohio State women’s volleyball team (10-7, 3-3 Big Ten) will hope to find better success this weekend when it travels for a pair of games in Illinois against No. 6 Illinois Friday and Northwestern Saturday after dropping its last two matches to Penn State and Rutgers. Last season, the Buckeyes beat Northwestern both games ...

NFL Against The Spread Week 15: Rivalry Week Edition

by Kurt Allen @ Midwest Sports Fans

In recent years Week 17 has been designated for divisional play, but this season, Week 15 provides a preview with 11 divisional games, 10 of which have playoff implications.

And I have gained some separation from the .500 level, this is always a good time to finish strong.

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2019 Best Guess Recruiting Class: September 28th

by Garrett Fishaw @ MGoFish

Though there’s a lot of time to go until National Signing Day (just under 17 months from now, to be exact), the 2019 recruiting cycle is off to a hot start all around the country. Read More ...

Marijuana and Cancer

by Hawaii Mary Jane @ Hawaii Cannabis Expo | Medical Cannabis Show

Marijuana and Cancer Federal Study The Center for Medical Cannabis Research, an organization, sanctioned by state and federal oversight committees, conduct research on the possible medical applications for marijuana and cancer.  A recent double-blind controlled study of smoked placebo versus smoked marijuana in patients with cancer-derived chronic peripheral neuropathic pain found that 10 of the…

Dr. Michael Seo - DDS - Profile by Zocdoc

Dr. Michael Seo - DDS - Profile by Zocdoc


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Moving Onward and Upward

by noreply@blogger.com (Sean) @ The 614

The Cliff’s Notes version of this post: I’m taking over Around the Oval, and will be posting there from now on.

Why? If you pay attention to the college football blogosphere, you’ve noticed that the former proprietor of AtO, JD, hasn’t posted regularly there for some time now. Turns out he had a bit more on his plate than he could handle, and asked SportsBlog Nation to find a replacement for him, so he could focus on his Cincinnati Reds blog, Red Reporter (which is excellent, by the way, if you’re a Reds fan). Peter of Burnt Orange Nation, the dude in charge of SBN’s collegiate section, asked me to be that replacement, and I accepted. Today, I’m taking my show on the road, and headed over there.

So what changes in this scheme? Well, the net result is the end of The 614. It makes more sense to keep AtO going rather than starting this site over again at SBN. So I’m gonna start posting at AtO, and stop posting here. Net result, minus one OSU blog. That’s alright, it’s not like we were all starved for Buckeye-related content anyway, and another OSU blog will probably be started shortly, anyway. OSU blogs can’t be stopped. You strike one down, two more rise in its place. Never fear.

That’s pretty much it in terms of negative changes. The rest is all good. Over at AtO, I’ll reach a larger audience, which I am of course excited about. But I’ll also get to take advantage of all the features of SBN, in particular the diary system, which allows readers to offer insights, opinions, analysis, and all that type of stuff without having it tied to a post of mine. Effectively, it’s an opportunity to work toward creating a Buckeye community at Around the Oval, which is a pretty exciting possibility.

The point of all this is that today’s the big move to Around the Oval. If you want to continue reading whatever I write (and I hope you do), that’s the place to do it in the future. Please update your bookmarks. If you link here from your blog, I hope you’ll link to me at AtO. I’ll be sure to reciprocate once I get settled in over there.

That’s it. Everything I have to say will be said at Around the Oval from here on out. I’ll see you over there.

Ohio State Football Important Info

by Joe Restivo @ » Ohio State - -

Here’s the scoop on the Buckeyes’ season so far. Braxton Miller If you’re Braxton Miller and you’re coming out of a whiplash injury to play at scandal-scarred Penn State, you either show up or you don’t. Turns out, Miller showed up. And his performance in Pennsylvania set many tongues wagging that a Heisman invite might [...]

NFL Against The Spread Week 17: Last Call Edition

by Kurt Allen @ Midwest Sports Fans

It all comes down to this, one last Sunday to close the 2014 NFL regular season.

With most fantasy seasons now completed attention this Sunday focuses on daily games, with several strategies in play and all 32 teams in action.

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Finals-Related Hiatus

by noreply@blogger.com (Sean) @ The 614

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten that I run a blog. I'm in the midst of finals week, so all my time spent in front of my computer is going toward studying, or playing solitare, because that feels like it only takes a little bit of time away from studying, whereas blogging feels like a much larger commitment. In reality, I probably spend more time playing solitare than I would posting on here, but still: perception is everything when you're avoiding studying.

Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow or Friday, depending on how serious the post-exam burnout is.

Women’s Basketball: Ohio State guard Kelsey Mitchell’s experience with USA Basketball ‘broadened her horizons’

by Colin Hass-Hill @ The Lantern

When a team has a player as talented and accomplished as Ohio State senior guard Kelsey Mitchell, there is only so much a coach can contribute. Head coach Kevin McGuff said the prolific scorer has worked to improve her defense this offseason. But he believes Mitchell’s experience traversing the world with USA Basketball will benefit ...

Super Bowl XLIX Is Tom Brady’s Crowning Achievement

Super Bowl XLIX Is Tom Brady’s Crowning Achievement

by Zach Rastall @ Midwest Sports Fans

Regardless of what happened Sunday night in Glendale, Tom Brady was going to go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. But after helping spark the biggest fourth-quarter comeback in Super Bowl history, Brady now finds himself on equal footing with childhood idol Joe Montana in the annals of NFL history. […]

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Back With Rose Bowl Thoughts

by noreply@blogger.com (Sean) @ The 614

I have returned. In the past nine days, I have traveled the world, searching for enlightenment, helping the less fortunate, and solving ancient mysteries (like "how does Lou Holtz keep getting work?").

Or, I was doing the Christmas thing, then doing the New Year's thing, and spending all the time in between playing Guitar Hero. And really, isn't playing Guitar Hero a lot like a search for enlightenment? I sure hope so, because otherwise, I've wasted an awful lot of time.

But I also watched quite a bit of football, and I have a few thoughts and crackpot ideas to share. Since discussion of all the games would be boring and a lot of work, I've decided to focus on the BCS games. First up is the Rose Bowl, which, as you are likely already aware, was won by USC, 32-18. Every year, I tell myself that I'm going to cheer for Michigan in their bowl game, that I'm going to support the Big Ten. And every year, I end up cheering the other team's touchdowns and cackling madly at everything the Wolverines do wrong and every call that goes against them. I just can't help cheering against them. We're like Pavlov's dog and a bell, me and the Wolverines.

Now, as far as the actual game, a buddy of mine suggested that this was a bad matchup for the Wolverines. In particular, he thought a big receiver like Dwayne Jarrett would be trouble for Michigan. I figured Michigan was just so much better than those pansy Pac-10'ers that individual matchups like that wouldn't matter. 205 yards and two touchdowns later, it's looking like I may have been mistaken. Jarrett kinda sorta totally dominated the Michigan secondary. In particular, he went out of his way to own safety Willis Barringer, taunting him into a personal foul penalty on one touchdown, then flipping the ball to him after a big catch on another play, just to name two examples. It was entertaining, though how Jarrett didn't get flagged on any of that, I'll never know.

Of course, this outcome provides a pretty good rebuttal to any argument about Michigan deserving to be in the national championship game. We have evidence now that Michigan is not as good as Ohio State or USC, so they have a little trouble claiming to be one of the two best teams in the country. But that doesn't mean that the decision-making process that kept them out of the game wasn't flawed. If you open up a bear cub-kidnapping business, and on Day One some mother bear doesn't rip your arms off, that doesn't mean that you have a good business plan; it means that you got lucky. Similarly, the BCS got lucky. Michigan could have blown out USC, then we'd be halfway to yet another championship controversy.

But they didn't, and we aren't. For now, we can sit back and bask in a third-straight Michigan bowl loss. Even if it's bad for the Big Ten's reputation, even if you were actually cheering for the Wolverines, you can still take some pleasure in their misfortune. Schadenfreude, the kids call it.

Winter Garden Schools

by Real Estate Agents Florida @ 1% Guys

Winter Garden Schools   Families including Winter Garden properties in their search for a dream house will want to know about the community’s schools.   WINTER GARDEN SCHOOLS Public High ...

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Help with Immigration Green Card E/M billing

by lauralthomson@verizon.net @ Medical Billing and Coding Forum

I'm still new to my place of work. I've recently run across charts where the patient is being seen only for immunizations/Green card immigration...

The Best of Sports in 2014

The Best of Sports in 2014

by Zach Rastall @ Midwest Sports Fans

There’s never a dull year in the world of sports, and 2014 was certainly no exception. While it definitely had its low points (Donald Sterling, Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson), 2014 still produced more than its fair share of memorable games, performances and moments, so let’s take a look back at some of the best things that the […]

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Dan Lubkeman – Mainland Medical Marijuana: Highs and Lows

by Hawaii Mary Jane @ Hawaii Cannabis Expo | Medical Cannabis Show

President of the Hydroponic Society of America & Gerald Garrison, Green Applied Sciences Dan Lubkeman is the President of the Hydroponic Society of America. His 30 year career has been in hydroponic controlled environment growing , as well as teaching and consulting on plant science, photobiology, grow-room dynamics, risk management and more. He has also…

Florida Week

by noreply@blogger.com (Sean) @ The 614

If you're willing to overlook Iowa State's basketball team (and I am, so long as Thad Matta and company aren't), then we've reached a rather unusual part of the year, wherein the next opponent for both the football and basketball teams is the same school. Yes, it's Florida Week.

This follows a thorough beatdown of the Cincinnati Bearcats on Saturday. At the end of the first half, the Bearcats had 14 points. Ohio State had three times that. The game was never in doubt, which is especially impressive considering that the Buckeyes didn't shoot especially well, hitting just 26.1% of their threes and 43.1% of all their shots. But they got an extra 16 points from their 23 free throw attempts, and more importantly, Cincinnati shot even worse. The Bearcats hit 2 of 24 threes (8.3%), and just 26% overall. All of this is attributable in no small part to Greg Oden. When the shots aren't falling from outside, having an inside scoring presence comes in handy. And with a seven-feet tall shot blocking machine in the middle, the Buckeyes are free to go crazy on perimeter defense. So teams shoot outside, because they can't get shots off inside, which plays right into Ohio State's hands. Perimeter defense has been a strong suit of the Buckeyes since Matta arrived, and now that it only takes one player to adequately defend inside the arc, the perimeter D only gets stronger. The end result was a blowout, even with poor shooting from the Buckeyes.

So now the Buckeyes (after the ISU game on Tuesday) turn their attention to Florida. The football team beat the defending national champs at their place early in the season; now it's the basketball team's chance to do the same. A full preview will be coming later, but at a glance, it'll be an interesting matchup. Florida has experience, obviously, but that's not all. They have size in Al Horford (6'10") and Joakim Noah (6'11"). Neither is as big as Oden, but both are very good. Florida also has depth. Like Ohio State, none of their players average more than 30 minutes per game. Both teams also have nine players averaging at least ten minutes per game. It looks like it will be a heck of a matchup. If you're a fan of the Buckeyes, or basketball in general, you have to be looking forward to it.

And, of course, there's the matter of that bowl game coming up January 8th for the football team. Again, I'll save a preview for later, but I think you'll hear a thing or two about it as it gets closer. It's a pretty big game, I understand.

Ohio State Takes On Michigan State

by admin @ Buckeye Wolverine Shop

The Ohio State Buckeyes (22-8. 9-8) take on No. 22 Michigan State Spartans (23-7, 12-5) on Sunday, March 9, 2014 in Columbus to end the regular season. If the Buckeyes hope to return to the NCAA Tournament, they will have … Continue reading

Mary J. Blige In Michael Kors Collection � �Mudbound� New York Screening

by dowcat @ Gossip Rocks Forum

Image: http://www.redcarpet-fashionawards.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Mary-j-blige-mudbound-new-york-screening.jpg

National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo (NIFMSE)

by Shelly Fairchild @ Edward W. Daniel, LLC

The National Industrial Fastener and Mill Supply Expo (NIFMSE) hosts the world’s largest Fastener Supply exhibition in North America. NIFMSE brings together companies from all over the world that manufacturer and supply products and services to the Distribution and OEM industries.

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Guidelines print out for CPC exam

by Katrinka772 @ Medical Billing and Coding Forum

I am prepping to take my CPC exam Nov 11th and wanting to get clarification on the printed guidelines. It is my understanding that we can printout...

Page Rank in Layman’s Terms

by mplysiak @ Website Design and Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Page rank is a very important aspect of SEO. Search engines rank pages based on their relevance, uniqueness, and importance. A number of factors go into determining this including: The content contained within each page and across the website The structure of the content and code The use of internal links The number and relevance […]

Around the B1G: Week 7 Edition

by Brandon Zimmerman @ The-Ozone

Well folks, this weekend was a success in more ways that one. I had made a promise on The Sons of Schmidt that if Ohio State lost to Maryland…I would personally ban myself from Ohio Stadium. Thank the good lord that I don’t have to break that promise because SPOILER ALERT…I totally would have. Another weekend passed by...

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What’s Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH)?

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More on the Ticket Situation

by noreply@blogger.com (Sean) @ The 614

There has been a little action on the National Championship Game ticket front.

First, there were three letters to the editor in the Lantern about the tickets (and lack thereof). The first letter is from a guy who didn't hear about the lottery and was therefore out of town on Monday and missed the lottery. The athletic department doesn't promote a lot of the ticket opportunities very well specifically because they know that word of mouth alone will result in more demand than they need. It's a logical thing to do, but results in unfortunate situations like this. The other two letters say pretty much the same thing I said Monday, but at least they confirm that I'm not just a lone crackpot on this ticket situation.

Next up is a breakdown from the university of how their 16,000 tickets are distributed. Looking at all the people they need to give tickets to, it's tough not to appreciate how difficult their task is, trying to keep so many people happy. But then, other parts of it just serve to make me angrier. In particular:

  • They claim the student lottery distributed 1,100 tickets. But if you count the winning numbers, either by hand (as two people I know did) or by importing them into Excel (as I just did), you will find that there were 1,000 winners. Where are the other one hundred tickets? True, one hundred tickets isn't much to get worked up about, but why claim you're giving out more tickets than you are, when it's so easy to prove you wrong? That bugs me.
  • The "President's Club/Buckeye Club/Development" segment (the big time donors, for the uninitiated) gets by far the largest piece of the pie, receiving 4,900 tickets. For comparison, that's almost ten times what the season ticket holders received, almost five times what the students received, and nearly twice what was allotted for the players, coaches, staff, and their families.
Overall, it's a pretty clear indicator of who the athletic department wants to keep happy. Not the thousands of students or the thousands of season ticket holders. It's the people that donate all the money. That's not to suggest it doesn't make good business sense, though I do wish the athletic department's priorities extended beyond making money.

They will want to be careful. With tuition and other costs of post-secondary education rising, some students (everywhere, not just at OSU) are feeling like they aren't getting the same bang for their educational buck, like they are no more than a source of revenue for the university. The athletic department isn't helping, as tickets are getting more and more expensive and tougher and tougher to resell. Now the department is telling students (in particular, but also season ticket holders and, to a lesser extent, alumni) that they aren't an important enough revenue stream to warrant anything resembling the consideration for tickets that the big time donors receive. They aren't helping to foster much love for the ol' alma mater, and it might come back to haunt them when they need new donors down the road.

There is still a sliver of hope for us ticketless students, however. The athletic department has announced that there is going to be a second lottery on Thursday night for the unclaimed tickets from the earlier student and faculty/staff lotteries. I'm guessing it won't be more than a few hundred tickets, but hey, it'll help.

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Video: Ohio State Buckeyes J.T. Barrett, Nick Bosa, and Binjimen Victor

by Tony Gerdeman @ The-Ozone

Several Buckeyes met with the media Tuesday evening, including quarterback J.T. Barrett, defensive end Nick Bosa, and wide receiver Binjimen Victor. You can check out everything they have to say in the videos below.

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Big Ten Admits Error in Denzel Ward Ejection

by Tony Gerdeman @ The-Ozone

Sometimes even replay officials get a call wrong. Ohio State cornerback Denzel Ward was flagged for targeting on Maryland receiver Taivon Jacobs in the first half of Saturday's game between the Buckeyes and the Terrapins. The photo above is one snapshot of the play in question. The penalty was upheld after review and Ward was ejected from the game.

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Royal Rumble: Triple Threat Title Match Steals Show

Royal Rumble: Triple Threat Title Match Steals Show

by Zach Rastall @ Midwest Sports Fans

Thanks to a Philadelphia crowd that sucked all the energy out of the Wells Fargo Center after Daniel Bryan was eliminated, the main event of the WWE’s Royal Rumble was a bit of a disappointment this year. However, the triple threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight championship that preceded it more than made up […]

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Ohio State hovering antenna research to bring the next generation of connectivity

by Jake Rahe @ The Lantern

New Ohio State research into “hovering” antennas could boost cellphone signals and beam images straight to televisions. The research team, led by Nima Ghalichechian, an assistant professor in electrical and computer engineering, aims to increase signal strength by creating antennas that are suspended by a few small posts and are almost entirely floating. The floating ...

NHM Butterflies: Chilasa clytia

by noreply@blogger.com (Brittanie) @ Insects Galore!

Chilasa clytia f. clytia 03-01-13

Was mistaken for a Euploea sp. Once again I'm amazed at mimicry and how utterly convincing it is even to us humans. First of Chilasa clytia is a swallowtail.........

.......secondly and perhaps most obviously they mimic the Danaid butterflies of the genus Euploea and had successfully fooled me into thinking it was a distasteful Euploea. Bravo on job well done. =) Thirdly according H. L. Lewis Chilasa clytia has 2 distinct color forms named dissimilis (light) and clytia (dark).

And also I need to revise my list as I believe that at the time I had listed this lovely angel as an unidentified Euploea sp. because I didn't recognize it. No wonder......

I cannot get enough of them......nope. Never ending treasure.......♥


Rene� Zellweger In Carolina Herrera � �Same Kind Of Different As Me� LA Premiere

by dowcat @ Gossip Rocks Forum


The Fiesta Bowl: A Taste of Things to Come, and Bob Stoops' What-The-Hell Face

by noreply@blogger.com (Sean) @ The 614

I resigned myself to watching the Fiesta Bowl, more out of a sense of duty than any eagerness to see the actual game. Since this was essentially the warm-up game for the national championship, I wanted to see whether the broadcast team was any good, whether Fox would do anything annoying with the cameras, and whether the field was any good. Basically, I was scouting Fox and the field for the OSU-Florida game; watching Boise State get crushed by a far superior, yet still boring Oklahoma team was something I was resigned to as a result, not something I was excited about. But then the game actually turned out to be pretty good, and when Boise State put on a trick play clinic at the end of the game, it became straight-up awesome.

The Broadcasters
But first, the broadcast team. I, and everyone I know, was worried that Joe Buck would be calling this game. The last thing I wanted was that smug jackass ruining the bastion of purity and essential goodness that is college football. The football gods took pity upon us, though, and gave us Thom Brennaman instead. He's a baseball guy, and kind of a jackass himself, but he is better than Joe Buck because he is not Joe Buck.

But the football gods giveth with one hand, and taketh away with the other. While I associate Brennaman's voice more with calling double plays and complaining about Manny Ramirez than football, he's at least good at his job. The same can't be said for the combo Fox picked to do color: Charles Davis and Barry Alvarez.

Davis is just annoying. It's one thing to point out the obvious from time to time; it's standard broadcast procedure. It's another thing to point out the obvious, stalk it, learn its daily routine, videotape its every movement, and watch the video over and over in a dark room. Davis is a stalker of the obvious. When Boise State, contrary to what Davis expected, continued to occasionally pass the ball and try to pick up first downs and score touchdowns (basically what had been working for them all game), rather than just say, "Well, Boise State isn't content with this lead," or maybe "Wow, Boise State is taking some risks late in the game. I guess you gotta stick with what's been working," Davis launched into a lengthy explanation about how he doesn't know everything about football, about how the Broncos had done this all year, and about how he's a big believer in Team DNA (which was definitely not covered in any of my biology classes). He was pretty consistently wrong, he only pointed out the obvious, and he would not shut up. He's my worst sports broadcasting nightmare.

Barry Alvarez, ex-Wisconsin coach and current Wisconsin A.D., is the third man in the booth. I'm under the assumption that when there are three people in the booth, one is supposed to do play by play, one is supposed to provide basic commentary for casual viewers, and one is supposed to provide more in-depth insight for the more hardcore fans (that's you and me, amigo). Alvarez is our voice in the booth. He's okay, but he's pretty clearly new at this. He offered some decent observations, but he'd stutter, he'd spend time looking for the right word, he'd just act like a guy who's still new to this broadcast stuff. Even worse for Alvarez, with Davis going into repeated thirty second discussions about the differences in clock rules between college and the NFL, among other inane ramblings, Alvarez had trouble getting a word in edgewise. There would be long stretches where you could forget he was even there. And maybe he wasn't; he might have gone searching for duct tape to shut up Davis.

So, in conclusion, if you're willing and able to make jokes about the broadcast team, these guys will be acceptable. But if bad commentators can ruin the game for you, you're better off listening to the game on the radio and muting the TV.

Oh, and a memo to Brennaman, re: your late-game comments - the whole BCS-versus-playoff debate has been done do death. We all know the BCS sucks, we're sick of talking about it. The new clock rules are the talking point we expect you to beat to death. Please adjust your commentary accordingly.

The Field
It was alright. They had apparently replaced the middle section of the field (between the hash marks, plus a little more) at some point, and judging by the remains of the old field, it was a good call. I guess that between the Cardinals and high school playoffs, the field had received some heavy use. What they ended up with wasn't very photogenic, but it seemed to work well enough. It wasn't pristine, but it wasn't Horseshoe in '06 bad.

The Game
If you missed it, Boise State beat Oklahoma in overtime, 43-42. But the game was so much more awesome than that. Boise State surprised me (and just about everyone else) by leading for much of the game, achieving it not through tricks or fluke plays, but by going toe to toe with the Sooners and winning. Then they blew the lead, Oklahoma took the lead on a pick-six, and Boise State had to stage a comeback. They ran into a little trouble with that, and faced 4th and 18. No problem, they just ran a hook-and-ladder to perfection to tie the game up. Fox cut to a shot of Bob Stoops, whose look said very clearly: "What the hell?"

The game went into overtime, and on the first play, Adrian Peterson cruised through the Boise State defense for a touchdown. Order was restored, and it was maintained up until 4th and 2 for the Broncos. That's when they ran a WR pass that resulted in another touchdown, and another "What the hell?" shot of Stoops. Boise State then lined up to go for two, and Oklahoma called a time out, presumably to allow Stoops to explain to BSU coach Chris Petersen that that's just not how things are done in big time football. Petersen evidently ignored him, reached into the jar of trick plays, and pulled out a Statue of Liberty play, which also worked to perfection. One last "What the hell?" shot of Stoops, and game over. Bob's press conference didn't consist entirely of profanity and confused looks, but regardless of what he said, we know what he was thinking: What the hell?

Look Who’s Visiting Now: October 7th vs Michigan State

by Garrett Fishaw @ MGoFish

Unlike years past, the Michigan coaching staff has decided, instead of having official visitors for every home game, they’ll host all of the visitors for the biggest games of the year. And the first big Read More ...

Bye Bye, Bunyan: 2017 Michigan vs. Michigan State Game Recap and Highlights

by Garrett Fishaw @ MGoFish

Under the lights and under a monsoon, the 2017 Michigan football team had its most embarrassing performance of the season and one of the worst losses in the Jim Harbaugh-era as the Wolverines dropped an Read More ...

Reading the Buckeye Leaves: Nebraska

by Tony Gerdeman @ The-Ozone

Another week closer to the showdown versus Penn State, but the Buckeyes first must handle business in a tough environment on the road in Lincoln. Both squads have established tendencies while the Buckeyes have shown steady improvement in a number of key areas. This week, the Buckeyes face an “Odd” front, similar to that of […]

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Ohio State Football Notebook: ‘If it was that simple, I’d do that’

by Tony Gerdeman @ The-Ozone

Last Saturday against Maryland, the Buckeyes showed the latest wrinkle on offense by incorporating a tight end into the backfield with J.T. Barrett in the pistol with a running back behind him. The look essentially made the tight end a fullback. Ohio State has shown similar looks in past seasons, but this was a new one for the Buckeyes this year.

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Ohio State and Donatos partner to bring free pizza to students

by Jerrod Mogan @ The Lantern

Ohio State student organizations and resident advisers can now apply to receive free pizzas for events due to a collaborative effort between Donatos and the Office of Student Life. The partnership began last year when Donatos provided free pizza for university-sanctioned events such as convocation and BuckeyeThon. As part of the grant, student organizations can ...

Buckeye Broadband Outage, Service Status

Buckeye Broadband Outage, Service Status

Is Down Right Now USA

Buckeye CableSystem has changed its name to Buckeye Broadband and even though they still provide the same service as usual they are adding new features to its buckeyebroadband.com website. But, when there are problems with …

General Surgery

by tammy4mizzou @ Medical Billing and Coding Forum

I could use some help on coding an operative note, i feel like i am totally missing something in this report I have read it so many times and have...

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NFL Against The Spread Week 16: Holiday Edition

by Kurt Allen @ Midwest Sports Fans

Picking games in the final two weeks of the NFL regular season tends to be less complicated as teams have different agendas heading towards the end of the year.

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Wrestling: How Ohio State balances international and collegiate competition

by Jeff Helfrich @ The Lantern

Ohio State’s wrestling room holds more world championships than some countries. When that’s the case, there are bound to be some conflicts. At least two Buckeyes will be competing internationally during the 2017-18 NCAA season. Senior heavyweight Kyle Snyder announced last week he will be competing in the World Wrestling Clubs Cup in early December ...

Badgers Enact Revenge, End Kentucky’s Bid For Perfection

by Zach Rastall @ Midwest Sports Fans

  On a wild Saturday night in Indianapolis, the Wisconsin Badgers earned a victory that’s significance rivals that of any other in program history. The Badgers brought down previously unbeaten Kentucky 71-64 in a Final Four rematch at Lucas Oil Stadium, which not only ended the Wildcats’ quest for perfection, but also sent Wisconsin into […]

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The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Men. . .

by noreply@blogger.com (Sean) @ The 614

Well, that wasn't what I had in mind.

If you're hoping for any breakdown of the game from me, you're out of luck. I spent most of last night in shock, and I intend to spend the rest of today in denial. There will come a day when I am prepared to rationally discuss the national championship game without the extensive and creative use of profanity, but by that time, everyone will have moved on, so this is probably all you get from me.

Congratulations to the Gators, though. They clearly showed that they were the better team last night. The Buckeyes were outplayed and outcoached, something that has seldom happened under Tressel's watch. Florida played a great game and deserves that fancy crystal football.

But it's not as though this season was a failure for Ohio State. A Big Ten championship and a win over Michigan define a successful season for me, however disappointed I am in the beating the team took in the national championship game.

The basketball team has a big game tonight at Wisconsin. They crushed Illinois over the weekend in a game where they didn't even shoot very well. That's something to build on, but that's not the Illinois team of a few years ago. The Buckeyes have come up short in their two big tests thus far this season, and I'm not too wild about their chances in this one. I think Ohio State is the most talented team in the Big Ten, but Wisconsin is playing better right now, and they'll be at home. A win for the Buckeyes would be a big statement, but if they're in the game for its entirety, that will be satisfactory.

That said, if they turn in the second loss in a big game in 24 hours for Buckeye teams, this week is officially ruined for me. But if they win. . . well, it's still probably ruined. Such is the risk you run when you attach your emotional well-being to the success of a collegiate athletic program.




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Men’s Soccer: Ohio State falls 1-0 to Oakland

by Shadi Ahmad @ The Lantern

The No. 17 Ohio State men’s soccer team (7-4-1, 3-2 Big Ten) fell 1-0 at Oakland (5-8) Tuesday night at Oakland Soccer Field despite controlling possession the majority of the match. The Golden Grizzlies were able to break the scoreless game in the 31st minute to take a 1-0 lead when sophomore forward Nebojsa Popvic ...

Anheuser-Busch, Lyft partnership to give free rides each weekend on Ohio State campus

by Cam Grey @ The Lantern

The city of Columbus has partnered with Lyft and Anheuser-Busch to create a safe rides and law enforcement program dedicated to combating drinking and driving. Zachary Kizer, a Lyft consumer communications specialist, said the objective of this program is to “raise awareness and change behavior around the issue of drunk driving in Columbus.” “The target ...

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Men’s basketball: Ohio State Athletics Director Gene Smith on NCAA’s commission to address FBI investigation

by Kevin Stankiewicz @ The Lantern

Ohio State Athletics Director Gene Smith will be a part of the NCAA’s Commission on College Basketball, a 14-member committee tasked with “examining critical aspects of a system that clearly is not working,” NCAA president Mark Emmert said in a statement Wednesday. The creation of the commission comes on the heels of an FBI investigation ...

Wendy Gibson – The Medical Use of Marijuana Program in Hawaii

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Two-Minute Drill: Nebraska Coach Mike Riley on B1G Teleconference

by Tony Gerdeman @ The-Ozone

Nebraska head football coach Mike Riley spoke for a few minutes on Tuesday's Big Ten coaches teleconference. He spent time previewing Saturday's upcoming matchup against Ohio State under the lights in Lincoln. Here are the highlights.

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James Van Der Beek & Terry Crews: I've Been Sexually Harassed By Male Producers

by BITTER @ Gossip Rocks Forum

James Van Der Beek’s story of sexual abuse is a powerful reminder that men can be victims tooIt’s a reminder that the power dynamic inherent in...

Postgame Thoughts: North Carolina

by noreply@blogger.com (Sean) @ The 614

If you went to bed early, OSU lost, 98-89. Honestly, I'm almost pleased with the result. It's a little disappointing, because Ohio State was leading for much of the game, but we saw a team missing (possibly) the best player in the country hang with one of the best teams in one of the most difficult environments to play in. You have to be satisfied with the performance.

As expected, North Carolina scored almost at will in the post. Othello Hunter and Matt Terwilliger didn't play poorly (Terwilliger in particular impressed my untrained eye with his work defensively), but they are no Tyler Hansbrough and Brandan Wright. Obviously, a better inside presence is forthcoming for Ohio State, so I'm not too worried about that.

I also think that the Buckeye's lack of depth showed as the game went on. Much was made of North Carolina's depth, and they had nine guys play more than ten minutes (with a tenth playing nine minutes). OSU, by contrast, had their usual eight. The game was played at a pretty high pace (76 possessions), which meant two things for OSU: increased opportunity to foul (and therefore some foul trouble), and more time on the court running around for those who weren't in foul trouble. Some of the guys looked a little tired toward the end, and some (Hunter and Ivan Harris, in particular) didn't get a chance to play as much as you'd want due to foul trouble.

But there was a lot of good to take away from the game. The Buckeyes shot extremely well, going 13 of 26 on their threes. Ivan Harris was excellent again, going 5 of 8 on his threes en route to 18 points. They also showed the ability to drive to the basket. Mike Conley occasionally looked like Allen Iverson, blowing past defenders and around big men on his way to layups. Ron Lewis was even more impressive, scoring 24 of his 30(!) points inside the arc.

Overall, the team proved that they were as good as they looked against the Loyolas and Kent States earlier in the season. The only real weakness on the team is a major presence inside. If they had had Terence Dials for this game, I believe they would have won. However, they aren't getting Dials. They are getting a guy that is viewed by just about everyone as better than Dials in just about every facet of the game. We know now that the rest of the team can play with the best in college basketball. If Greg Oden can do likewise, this could be a scary good team.

Another Battle of the Blogs

by noreply@blogger.com (Sean) @ The 614

Like they did with the OSU-Michigan game, CSTV.com is running a Battle of the Blogs for the national championship game. We're on day three of the battle. To bring you up to speed, on Tuesday Pfef drew the unenviable task of debating Orson from EDSBS on each school's fans, while yesterday, Annapolisbuckeye went up against We Are the Boys, debating which school has the better bowl tradition. Pfef did well, I think. I'd argue that he won the debate, as much as one can win these things. He presented an excellent argument, while Orson mostly cracked jokes (good jokes, though; this is EDSBS we're talking about here). I thought Annapolisbuckeye also took care of business, though he had a few more decades of bowl tradition to work with. We Are the Boys did about as good a job as one could hope to do with what they had to work with.

I drew Swamp Ball as an opponent for today's battle, the Florida offense versus the Ohio State defense. As a savvy veteran of Battles of the Blogs (Battle of the Blogses?), I went for every dirty debate trick I could apply at midnight, when I was writing my side of the debate. Balance, reasonableness, and honesty went out the window (not all the way out, maybe, but I at least dangled them out the window, as though they were Vanilla Ice to my Suge Knight). I cherry picked statistics that helped my argument. I ignored everything that might weaken my argument. I even set up a bit of a straw man, just to get a shot in at the SEC:

I don’t know for sure, but I suspect my colleague and opponent across the page is arguing that Ohio State’s numbers came against inferior competition, while Florida’s stats came against tough SEC defenses; it’s the argument I would make were our situations reversed. However, let me present a counter-argument: SEC defenses are no better than any others. In fact, an offense approaching competent is all it takes to win the SEC.

Look at the SEC championship game: it pitted a team (Arkansas) whose best quarterback was a running back (Darren McFadden) against a team (Florida) whose best running back was a backup quarterback (Tim Tebow). That isn’t innovation; that’s desperation. It’s the sort of thing you do when you’ve exhausted all other options. It’s the sort of thing that went out of style decades ago. It’s the sort of thing that’s good enough to win the SEC.

Meanwhile, how does Swamp Ball attack? With a calm, reasoned essay outlining the sort of gameplan that might be successful against the Buckeyes, based on results of previous games. It was well-thought out and well-written. Who does that in online debates?

As it turns out, there's a lot less trash-talking in an OSU-Florida debate than an OSU-Michigan debate, which I probably should have expected. Regardless, I feel like I come off a little message board-y, when I could have afforded to be more evenhanded in my site of the debate. But I'm not going to get too concerned about it. After all, if you don't get a little fiery in a college football debate, when will you?

Anyway, there's been a lot of good work done in this Battle of the Blogs, by both sides. So go check it out.

Orange County Public Schools Awarded the Broad Prize

by Real Estate Agents Florida @ 1% Guys

Orange County Public Schools Awarded the Broad Prize   The Orange County Public School District was a proud co-winner of the 2014 Broad Prize for Urban Education. The annual $1 million award—the ...

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Help with Immigration Green Card E/M billing

by lauralthomson@verizon.net @ Medical Billing and Coding Forum

I'm still new to my place of work. I've recently run across charts where the patient is being seen only for immunizations/Green card immigration...

Wexner Center to host first-ever documentary film festival: “Unorthodocs.”

by Shanti Lerner @ The Lantern

Take a seat and kick back, documentary fans. The Wexner Center for the Arts is preparing for its first-ever all-documentary film festival Oct. 19-21. The festival, “Unorthodocs.,” will offer a diverse collection of 11 documentaries, portraying a wide range of themes and filmmaking styles. “Unorthodocs.” features an eclectic mix of films with various themes by ...

MGoFilm Analysis 2.3: Breaking Down Run Offense vs Purdue

by Stephen Osentoski @ MGoFish

The third and final part of episode 2 of the MGoFilm Analysis series focuses on run plays against Purdue. Michigan had a tough time running against Purdue for the most part, only gaining 139 yards Read More ...

Jim Harbaugh and Wilton Speight add to Michigan watch-list count, U-M recruiting California, and an Ohio State confession

Jim Harbaugh and Wilton Speight add to Michigan watch-list count, U-M recruiting California, and an Ohio State confession

Land of 10

The Thursday Breakfast of Victors finds more preseason accolades for Jim Harbaugh and Wilton Speight, plus updating Michigan's recruiting efforts out West.

Troy Smith's Place in Buckeye History

by noreply@blogger.com (Sean) @ The 614

At some point during the season, about the time that the Heisman became Troy Smith's to lose, a friend of mine asked me if I thought Troy Smith's number would be retired. As I believe I have metioned before, I eventually decided that it would be if he won the Heisman, but it was tough to get used to the idea that I was watching one of the all-time great Buckeyes play.

Now, on the eve of the Heisman Trophy presentation, I've grown a little more accustomed to the idea. It's still hard to believe, but in more of a "wow, isn't this lucky?" sort of way. Look at this highlight video, or this one, or any of the ones you'll see on YouTube. The guy makes plays few others could make. He rarely makes a bad decision, and he regularly does unbelievable things.

In short, Troy Smith is the best quarterback in Ohio State football history.

If you look at statistics, Troy's numbers are great, but generally not amazing, which isn't too surprising. In terms of yardage, Joe Germaine, Bobby Hoying, and Art Schlichter are the only quarterbacks with better yardage than Troy, but he's not being asked to air it out like those guys were (only 41.6% of OSU's plays this season have been passes). In terms of rushing production, he's behind Cornelius Greene, among others, but he's not being asked to run like those guys.

If you're looking for statistics that define Troy Smith's contribution to this team, there are three you need to look at. The first is completion percentage. Troy owns the top two spots in completion percentage for a season, as well as the record for career completion percentage. The second statistic, related to the first, is pass efficiency. Troy is first and third in season pass efficiency, and first in career efficiency. The third statistic is touchdowns. His thirty touchdown passes this season is a record, and he's top five in career touchdown passes.

What's all this mean? Troy Smith gets the job done. Others might rack up more yards through the air or on the ground, but he scores the points and gets the wins. He executes the offense almost to perfection, and that shows up in the efficiency and touchdowns. And, of course, there's that 3-0 record as a starter against Michigan.

Of course, stats don't tell the whole story about Troy's place in Ohio State history (though the record against Michigan can do a pretty good job). You have to watch him to truly appreciate him. He is almost always in absolute command of the offense. Even when he's scrambling madly, it's usually in the service of the overall goal of putting points on the board (Exhibit A). We know he can run; he showed that last season. This season he has preferred to shred defense through the air.

Yet despite all we've seen from him over the past three years, I can't help but believe we seldom saw all he had to offer. Certainly Michigan brought out the best in him, but I think he could have done even more if he needed to. I think he could have thrown for 3000+ yards if Tressel asked him to air it out. I think he could have rushed for a thousand yards if the system had been different. But he was asked to distribute the ball, to execute and spread the field. And he did that with a cold precision. Even if he didn't always find the best option, he almost always found a good option, and hardly ever made a major mistake. He threw downfield when Ted Ginn got behind defense, he found Anthony Gonzalez just across the first down lines on third-and-long, he scrambled until his third or fourth option got open, and when all else failed, he ran better than most quarterbacks in the country.

Of course, he still has one more game to go. He will cement his place in Buckeye history in the national championship game. But regardless of what happens on January 8, I've already made my decision. I don't think the Buckeyes have ever seen such a combination of athletic talent, leadership, and mastery of an offense in a quarterback as Troy Smith has shown. He's the best quarterback the Buckeyes have had, and I think it'll be a long time before we see another like him.

OSU Run-Pass Breakdowns and Success Rates from the First Half of 2017

by NEWBrutus @ The-Ozone

Here is the Run/Pass Mix through the first half of the regular season. Please note: SACKS are included in the passing totals, as they are passing plays that went awry. Unfortunately there is no easy way to push quarterback scrambles for positive yards to the passing total without hand charting each play. This is all taken from the box scores and play-by-play data.

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Football: How Ohio State plans to stop Nebraska quarterback Tanner Lee

by Colin Hass-Hill @ The Lantern

In Ohio State’s first two games of the year, its passing defense performed poorly, allowing more than 380 passing yards in each game. The inexperienced defensive backfield, which lost three players early to the NFL draft, looked incompetent at times. But in the Buckeyes’ next four games, all of which came against lowly regarded, run-heavy ...

Cincinnati Bengals: It’s Time to Finally Fire Marvin Lewis

by AJ Kaufman @ Midwest Sports Fans

The Bengals fell to the the Indianapolis Colts 26-10 on Sunday in what can only be described as an anemic performance. Nothing went right and Marvin Lewis deserves the blame.

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The NFL is not rigged, it’s all in your head

by Tyler Juranovich @ Midwest Sports Fans

I have mostly ignored the ongoing NFL playoff games, but I found myself on the couch watching the last quarter of the Dallas Cowboys-Green Bay Packers game on Sunday. I turned it on just in time to see the reaction to the reversed Dez Bryant fourth-down reception. The overturned call would end the Cowboys’ drive and season, and I […]

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National Championship Preview

by noreply@blogger.com (Sean) @ The 614

It's you. It's me. It's the Hypothetical Interviewer 9000. Let's do this.

Um, hold on. HI9000, why are you locked in your room?

The door doesn't have a lock. It's just closed. I'm protecting myself from alligators. They have Florida speed. And SEC speed! They said that Buckeyes can't handle that sort of speed! We're all doomed!
Easy, HI9000, they weren't talking about real alligators. They were talking about the Florida Gators football team. They're - they're just people. Not man-eating reptiles.

Even worse! People have thumbs! They can open doors!
Calm down, the Florida football team is not out to get you. They're just claiming that their players are faster because they're from/playing in the southeastern part of the United States.

Well, okay. But isn't that still a problem for the national championship game?
No. We've been through this whole speed argument before. Remember the last national championship game? How our slow, plodding Buckeyes were going to get crushed by Miami, whose players were so fast that they were only visible with the aid of high-speed cameras? That one worked out okay, didn't it?

True. But we're still at a disadvantage. By the time the game rolls around, we will have gone 51 days without playing a football game. Isn't that a problem?
Ohio State's had long layoffs going into bowl games for decades. Was the long break a problem last year against Notre Dame? Or the year before, against Oklahoma State? Or the year before, against Kansas State? Or in the aforementioned national title game against Miami?

Well, no.
Exactly. With the exception of the Miami game, OSU won comfortably every year. In fact, they generally played their best football of the season. The long break hasn't been a problem under Tressel. If anything, it seems to have been an advantage.

Okay, then, the layoff doesn't matter. Give me an overview of the game.
Very superficially, Florida looks pretty similar to Michigan. A team with an outstanding defense and an offense that just gets the job done. Of course, the two teams aren't actually that similar. Florida's offense, for example, is very different from Michigan's.

Let's talk about that offense.
You already know the basics. They're running that Urban Meyer spread option offense with a quarterback, Chris Leak, who is not made for it. Running is not his thing. When he throws the ball, he's alright, but not great. He has 14 picks to his 22 touchdowns, a ratio that is not too good. His two favorite targets are Dallas Baker and Andre Caldwell, who both average a bit over four receptions per game. Baker is the big play guy, but both are solid receivers.

What about running the ball?
That has been something of an adventure for the Gators. They average 160ish yards per game, which is above average NCAA-wide, but not very good in reality. Their leading rusher, DeShawn Wynn, averages less than ten carries per game. Tim Tebow, uber-recruit QB, is used pretty regularly as a running back, and averages 33 yards per game. Chris Leak, an option QB in the offense but not in reality, has 23 yards on the season. It appears to be something of a running game by committee, but with an exceptionally large and diverse committee, ranging from backup quarterbacks to wide receivers.

So is there anything to be afraid of from this offense?
Sure. They aren't outstanding running or passing, but they also aren't bad at either. It's a pretty balanced offense. That's always a concern.

But a bigger concern is Percy Harvin. He's technically a wide receiver, but he's more likely to carry the ball than catch a pass. He hasn't been used a whole lot during the season, due to injury, but he exploded the last two games of the season, particularly against Arkansas, when he finished with 105 yards rushing, 62 yards receiving, and two touchdowns. He's a big play waiting to happen.

How should the Buckeyes defend that attack?
The biggest thing they need to do is be disciplined. It's an option attack, complete with reverses and end-arounds, so the defense can't just chase after the ball, lest they be caught out of position. They will also want to be careful with blitzes, for the same reason. However, blitzes can be successful, as Florida has had some trouble with allowing sacks.

I expect a bit of a bend-don't-break defense, focused on keeping Baker and Harvin under wraps. If I were coaching, I would probably blitz selectively, focusing more on either forcing Leak into mistakes, or waiting for Florida to beat themselves (they're the second most-penalized team in the country). But then, I've been hilariously wrong on stuff like this before.

What about the Gator defense?
They've certainly put up some impressive numbers. But then, name a good SEC offense.

Well, there's LSU. . .
I'll give you them, sure.

And there's Arkansas and Tennessee.
The two teams that exploded for a combined 24 points in their bowl games? Riiiight.

I get your point. You're saying that Florida's defense is good because they've faced bad offenses?
I've made the argument before. But I'm not entirely serious. This Florida defense is very good, regardless of what you think of SEC offenses. Reggie Nelson is the big star, the safety that just destroys hapless receivers. Brandon Siler, a linebacker, is another guy to look out for.

So how do the Bucks attack these guys? Rushing? Passing? With giant battle axes? Please say we get to use axes.
Nope, sorry.

Nobody ever uses axes anymore.
I know. Anyway, running doesn't appear to be much of an option; they're sixth in the country against the run. And that number isn't even inflated much by sacks; they're just 50th in the country in sacks. Passing appears to be a better option, as they are 48th against the pass. That may be a byproduct of their rush defense, though. The Gators are 5th in pass efficiency defense, suggesting that they're actually pretty good against the pass. But I'm not sure; I haven't seen that many Florida games.

You didn't answer the question. How do we attack the Florida defense?
I'm not sure, honestly. There don't appear to be many weaknesses. True, they don't get that many sacks, but when you're sixth in the country in interceptions, getting sacks isn't such a big deal. I'm counting on Troy Smith to make plays where others couldn't. He'll have time (that sack number, again), and with him, that's translated into positive plays all season. I don't expect the run game to be a major factor, but I didn't expect that against Michigan, and Antonio Pittman and Chris Wells both broke off big touchdown runs. But yeah, basically, I'm just counting on Troy to do the things he's done all season.

Care to make a score prediction?
Nope. I did that for the basketball game against Florida, and it didn't work out so well. So I'm just keeping my fool mouth shut and not tempting the football gods. All I'll say is that I don't anticipate the blowout that many of the Buckeye faithful are predicting. Though I'd certainly be happy with it.

Nick Bosa Emerging as Ohio State’s Best Player

by Tony Gerdeman @ The-Ozone

Nick Bosa came to Ohio State with more expectations than any other player on the Buckeye roster. After 19 career games, he is also living up to his expectations as well as anybody on the roster as well. Last season as a true freshman, Bosa immediately worked his way into a four-man rotation with Tyquan Lewis, Sam Hubbard...

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Fastener Tech 2017

by Shelly Fairchild @ Edward W. Daniel, LLC

The Mid-West Fasteners Association (MWFA) host Fastener Tech 2017 June 6 - 7, 2017 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, Illinois USA

The post Fastener Tech 2017 appeared first on Edward W. Daniel, LLC.

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Michelle Pfeiffer & Gwyneth Paltrow - Variety's Power Of Women Event

by dowcat @ Gossip Rocks Forum

Image: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2017/10/13/21/454E90C100000578-4978828-image-m-200_1507926165179.jpg Image:...

Questions re:home inspection

by Unregistered @ InterNACHI Inspection Forum

I am wondering if you could give me advice.....I am in the process of selling my home. My buyer hired a home inspector, which resulted in my home not being sold. My problem is this, there were lots of things that were on the report that were completely false. Or very petty things such as loose screws on outlets, but listed it needed to be replaced. Also it was listed that my pool needed to be cleaned and the pool filter needed to be replaced (it�s fall in OK right now, even if I had cleaned before they got there would�ve had leaves in it again) Total cost of this would maybe at the most be $20. They listed the repair needed as being $150-$500. They also listed my children�s playhouse as needing a new roof, the playhouse is leaving the property when we move, it has nothing to do with the sale of my home. Would it be best to get another inspector? I�m kind of at a loss with what to do.

Mary J. Blige In Michael Kors Collection � �Mudbound� New York Screening

by dowcat @ Gossip Rocks Forum

Image: http://www.redcarpet-fashionawards.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Mary-j-blige-mudbound-new-york-screening.jpg

Now You All Are In Big, Big Trouble

by noreply@blogger.com (Sean) @ The 614

Quick football-related note: It's official, we're playing Florida. Complete thoughts to follow tomorrow, but in brief: 1.) Michigan got ripped off, which makes their fans angry, which makes me happy, regardless of what I said earlier today, and 2.) At first glance, Ohio State should win comfortably, but we'll examine that at more depth in the future.

But there's some big basketball-related news to take care of, first. How big? Seven feet, 280 pounds big. Yeah, I'm talking about the return of Greg Oden in Saturday's 78-58 win over Valpo. In his 23 minutes of work, he recorded a double-double, going for 14 points, ten rebounds, and five blocks. He wore a brace on his right wrist and essentially played the game one-handed, even going so far as to shoot free throws with his left hand.

One game isn't really enough data to perform much statistical analysis on, but even without equations and fancy numbers, his influence on the game was very apparent. For the most part, it was positive. He looked a little nervous and rusty in his first few minutes, but once he got going, he had an impact, particularly defensively. He proved Dick Vitale and all those other experts right, as just about all Valpo's trips to the basket were fruitless when Oden was in. During one notable possession, he started by blocking one shot from in front of the basket. A Valpo player recovered the ball near the baseline and attempted a second shot. Oden just reached out and blocked that one too. Five blocks in 23 minutes is impressive enough, but when you factor in the shots that were altered to avoid him and the shots that weren't attempted out of fear of yet another rejection, his impact was major.

Offensively, he was good, but his lack of a second hand was more apparent. You could tell that he wasn't as comfortable and had to think about things more, since he couldn't shoot with his right hand. But as he figured things out, he became more effective, and that was trouble for Valpo. When there's a 7 foot, 280 pound giant backing you down in the post, how do you stop that? You foul. And Valpo did. Oden's biggest impact, from a numbers stand point, came in free throws, as he made more free throws (15), than the Buckeyes attempted against North Carolina (13).

There were some problems though, mostly on the offensive end as the team tried to do too much through Oden. Who can blame them? When Dickie V is calling a guy the greatest thing to happen to basketball since the invention of rubber, it's only natural to want to get him the ball. As a result, it looked like the team tried to force things from time to time, rather than just working Oden into the flow of things. But I think that as they grow more comfortable with him on the floor, and as he continues to heal and improve, we'll end up with an inside-outside game like we had last year, except with more talent all over the floor. And that is scary for the rest of the Big Ten.

That's not to say that other Buckeyes didn't have good games. Daequan Cook led the team in scoring with twenty points, going 4-5 from behind the arc. Mike Conley had seven points and seven assists (to two turnovers). And the team as a whole shot shot well, 51% overall and 45.4% on their threes.

But in a game that was essentially over at halftime, the debut of Greg Oden is going to be the story, and rightfully so. When he's 100%, how do you stop this offense? You can't collapse down on Oden when the team is making almost 44% of their threes, but you clearly can't defend Oden one-on-one. And how do you attack them defensively? Venturing inside looks to be a foolish choice, but as a Thad Matta-coached team, they defend the perimeter well (opponents are making less than 29% of their threes). Oden's arrival is great news for the Buckeyes, and bad news for the rest of the Big Ten.

100 Things to Look Forward to This Buckeye Football Season: 50-41

100 Things to Look Forward to This Buckeye Football Season: 50-41


Tony Gerdeman flies through the halfway point of his 100 things to look forward to this Buckeye football season with items 50 through 41.

Top Charlotte Neighborhoods with Homes for Sale

by Joe Restivo @ -

With over 2.5 million people calling the Charlotte metro area home, the city has a vast number of neighborhoods for its home buyers to consider. How can you know when you have found the right one for your needs? Here are several hot communities with Charlotte homes for sale that are definitely worth considering: Dilworth [...]

No Huddle Breakdown: Scouting Nebraska’s Impact Players

by Tony Gerdeman @ The-Ozone

The Nebraska Cornhuskers enter this contest against the Ohio State Buckeyes ranked 43rd overall in total defense (355 yards per game) behind their new 3-4 defensive scheme, but surrendered 353 yards rushing on 49 carries (7.2 yards per carry) last week to Wisconsin. Leading tackler Aaron Williams is questionable with a neck injury.

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Week 15 NFL FanDuel Advice: No More ‘Johnny Bench’

by Kurt Allen @ Midwest Sports Fans

To be honest, I struggled with my NFL Week 14 FanDuel selections.

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OSU-Indiana Postgame

by noreply@blogger.com (Sean) @ The 614

I'm abandoning my look at the BCS bowls, at least temporarily, because I realized that I don't really care about the Orange Bowl. Louisville won, but who cares? It confirms what we already suspected: Wake Forest is not that good.

Instead, let's talk about basketball. Specifically, the 74-67 win over Indiana. There were good and bad things going on there. First, the good:

  • Greg Oden had a career-high 21 points. He was greatly helped by going 9 of 10 on his free throws, despite still shooting left-handed. If I'm him, I think long and hard about not switching back. And if I'm Pat Riley, I send video of Oden shooting to Shaq.
  • Mike Conley had his best game yet, ending with nine points, ten assists (to zero turnovers!) and three steals. He drives to the basket better than anyone on the team, and he passes better than anyone on the team. Oden may be the best player on the team, but he has some real competition from Conley.
  • Speaking of best games yet, Othello Hunter also played very well for perhaps the first time this year. The numbers aren't terribly gaudy - 14 points, six rebounds, three blocks - but for the first time, he was a real presence on both ends of the court. He missed an easy layup on a great pass from Conley early in the game, but that was his only miss, as he went five of six on his shots and four for four on the line. He got much more aggressive on offense, going for dunks instead of settling for layups or jumpers. There were times, both offensively and defensively, when I mistook him for Oden.
  • Daequan Cook continues to shoot well. He had twelve points on four of six shooting, making two of his three attempts behind the arc. He can score from anywhere. It's fun to watch.
  • Late in the game, Oden blocked a shot clear to the other half of the court. It effectively ended any chance the Hoosiers had at a comeback, and it looked really cool.
Now, the bad:
  • The team is still in a shooting slump. They hit just four of 15 threes. Jamar Butler and Ron Lewis each made one of four. At least the team appears to recognize the problem: they shot well below their average of 22.8 3-pt. attempts per game. On the other hand, maybe the problem is that they aren't getting into a shooting rhythm like earlier in the season. I don't know what the problem is; all I know is that I miss the Buckeye team that was making 40+% of its threes, annoying basketball purists, and turning six-point deficits into nine-point leads in the span of five possessions.
  • Indiana, by contrast, shot absurdly well from behind the arc, hitting twelve of 22 (54.5%). Some of this was just luck, but seeing as Florida also shot well against the Buckeyes, perhaps there's something beyond luck at work here. If the good teams continue to shoot well against the Buckeyes, Florida won't be the last loss of the season.
  • Those damnable pick-and-rolls continue to be a problem. As Keith has already mentioned, the Buckeyes (Oden in particular) have been defending it by hedging (briefly guarding the man with the ball so his defender can recover, yay basketball lingo). The problem is that Oden pretty regularly picks up a foul defending the play, and when he doesn't, he hasn't been quick enough getting back to his man. Florida and Indiana would run some of those screens well outside the three-point line, presumably to draw Oden and his Shot-Blocking Hands of Justice(!) away from the basket. If that continues to be the case, might it be better to have him back off and let the other defender go under the pick? Sure, it might leave the ballhandler with an open shot, but if that shot's a 25- or 30-footer, is that a bad thing? And who knows; Oden might be able to block that shot anyway. Regardless, what they're doing now doesn't work very well.
And overall, the game itself was good and bad. A win is a good thing, and the play of Conley and Hunter in particular was very good. But I think Indiana helped to develop a blueprint for beating Ohio State, and that's a bad thing. Defensively, teams should focus on denying passes to Oden, whether with a zone or some other strategy, since they don't have to worry about Ohio State making them pay from outside. Offensively, lots of pick-and-rolls. Lots and lots. Of course, if the pick-and-roll defense improves and the long-range shots start falling, that blueprint and just about any other for beating the Buckeyes go right out the window, and that would be a good thing.

How Bout Them Buckeyes

by Joe Restivo @ » Ohio State - -

It took me a little bit to get into ‘basketball mode’ this year, but once March Madness rolls around, it’s hard not to get excited. Doesn’t hurt either when The Ohio State University has an all-star team that is now headed to New Orleans for the 2012 Final Four! Led by sophomore Jared Sullinger, the [...]

Guidelines print out for CPC exam

by Katrinka772 @ Medical Billing and Coding Forum

I am prepping to take my CPC exam Nov 11th and wanting to get clarification on the printed guidelines. It is my understanding that we can printout...

Post-Iowa State Thoughts

by noreply@blogger.com (Sean) @ The 614

First of all, it was a win. Not only that, it was a 19 point win. Yay, first and foremost.

But (cliche alert!) it was a much closer game than the final score would indicate. Iowa State slowed the game down (59 possessions) and kept it close most of the time. It was mostly a game of mini-runs. Ohio State would open up an 8- or 10-point lead, then Iowa State would pull within two. The Cyclones shot pretty well on their three point attempts (38.5%), and did an okay job taking care of the ball for most of the game. But they turned the ball over three times late as OSU went on a run late to put the game away. The Buckeyes, for their part, played a very clean game, turning the ball over just eight times and committing just six fouls.

Greg Oden had his worst game of the season, and still posted 18 points and nine rebounds in 35 minutes. The Cyclones did a pretty decent job on Oden, really, which opened things up for other players. Daequan Cook in particular benefited from the attention paid to Oden. Cook scored 21 points in 26 minutes, going three for five on his three point attempts. Mike Conley contributed 15 points and six assists, also leading the team in free throw attempts and makes (seven for seven). Ivan Harris had an Ivan Harrisy game, scoring six of his ten points on threes and contributing a little help rebounding (four boards). Ron Lewis and Jamar Butler didn't do much offensively (seven and zero points, respectively), but Butler did chip in seven assists. Interestingly, Othello Hunter and David Lighty only played fifteen minutes each. Playing matchups, recognition of off nights by Thad Matta, or a sign of things to come?

In related news, The Ozone reports that Oden says he might stick around all four years. As MotSaG points out, this is the right thing for him to say right now, and it's much easier to say when millions of dollars aren't staring him in the face. I'll still assume he's one-and-done, but the possibility of him staying is very intriguing. Assuming everyone else stays (Conley and Cook, I'm looking in your direction), our starters next year might look like this:

G - Mike Conley
G - Jamar Butler
G - Daequan Cook
F - Kosta Koufos (incoming 7' freshman)
C - Greg Oden

I gotta say, if I was putting together my ideal team, that's pretty close to the array of skills I'd want on it. A point guard that can distribute and penetrate, another guard that can shoot and pass, another guy that can score from anywhere, one seven-footer with some range, and another that's outstanding near the basket, offensively and defensively.

Again, probably won't happen, but it's fun to dream, isn't it?

Concert review: Milky Chance blossoms in Columbus

by Jose Lacar @ The Lantern

German folk group Milky Chance stopped in Columbus Wednesday night as part of its “Blossom” tour. This was my first time seeing the group live, and I was a bit apprehensive since its recorded albums seemed too relaxing to maintain a solid energy.  The stage seemed simple: two raised drum sets on either side, each ...

MGoFilm Analysis 2.2: Breaking Down Sacks & Missed Pass Plays vs Purdue

by Stephen Osentoski @ MGoFish

Part 2 of episode 2 of the MGoFilm Analysis series focuses on the pass plays that didn’t work out well. Whether it be sacks, incompletions, or an interception, Michigan struggled in multiple facets in the Read More ...

New article in REALTOR.com (w/55 million unique visitors) live links to InterNACHI.

by gromicko @ InterNACHI Inspection Forum


CANPC book publication by Vino C. Mody Jr., COC, CPC, CCS-P, CANPC, CCVTC

by vinomodyjr @ Medical Billing and Coding Forum

Dear Sir: I would like to publish my websites on the internet. Corporate websites for Healthcare Administrative Consulting Service: ...

Two-Minute Drill: Urban Meyer Post-Practice Updates Oct. 11

by Tony Gerdeman @ The-Ozone

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer spoke with the media after practice Wednesday night to provide updates on his Buckeyes and to look ahead to Saturday night's matchup in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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Buckeyes Undefeated in 2012

by Michael @ » Ohio State - -

It’s been exactly one decade since the Buckeyes boasted an undefeated season. Considering only one other team is undefeated, Notre Dame, some fans are lamenting the fact that the Buckeyes aren’t eligible for the BCS Championship Game. Jim Tressel’s issue with the NCAA standards means a one-year ban, which many fans say cost the Buckeyes [...]

Questions re:home inspection

by Unregistered @ InterNACHI Inspection Forum

I am wondering if you could give me advice.....I am in the process of selling my home. My buyer hired a home inspector, which resulted in my home not being sold. My problem is this, there were lots of things that were on the report that were completely false. Or very petty things such as loose screws on outlets, but listed it needed to be replaced. Also it was listed that my pool needed to be cleaned and the pool filter needed to be replaced (it�s fall in OK right now, even if I had cleaned before they got there would�ve had leaves in it again) Total cost of this would maybe at the most be $20. They listed the repair needed as being $150-$500. They also listed my children�s playhouse as needing a new roof, the playhouse is leaving the property when we move, it has nothing to do with the sale of my home. Would it be best to get another inspector? I�m kind of at a loss with what to do.

Tara Reid - American Satan Premiere

by dowcat @ Gossip Rocks Forum

Image: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2017/10/13/12/454AC84900000578-4977276-image-m-48_1507893719123.jpg Image:...

1733 BUCKEYE FALLS WAY, ORLANDO, FL 32824 (MLS # O5539321) - 1% Guys

1733 BUCKEYE FALLS WAY, ORLANDO, FL 32824 (MLS # O5539321) - 1% Guys

1% Guys

Adorable 2 bed/2.5 bath townhome in Orlando’s Beacon Park! DR Horton built, this home features tile throughout the downstairs, 9’4” ceilings, earth-toned paint, new carpet on the stairs and upstairs, and lots of windows that allow the natural light to pour in! This floor plan includes a flex space downstairs – which would make a great office/formal dining or library. The upgraded kitchen features 42” cherry cabinets with crown molding, hardware, stainless steel appliances, silestone counters, closet pantry and opens to the breakfast nook and family room. The family room overlooks the large paver patio, which is fenced and leads to the oversized 2 car garage. Both bedrooms are upstairs. The owner’s suite is light & bright, had a dual vanity with 2 sinks, a large tub/shower combo and large closet. The guest suite has its own en-suite bath with a 1 sink vanity and tub/shower combo. The laundry room is located upstairs, too! Community features park areas, playgrounds, BBQ areas, community pool and tot lots. Centrally located with easy access to the 417, 529, the airport, Lake Nona & Medical City. This townhome has been lovingly maintained by it’s original owner and is ready for you! Make it yours today!

MGoFilm Analysis 3: Breaking Down Sacks & Scrambles vs Michigan State

by Stephen Osentoski @ MGoFish

Photo Credit: Eric Upchurch/MGoBlog Let’s face it, there was plenty to be upset about in Michigan’s 14-10 loss against the Spartans last weekend. While the 5 turnovers was surely towards the top of the “tear Read More ...

When Attracting Top Talent, Focus on Your Company, Not Their Alternatives

by Joe Restivo @ -

Start-ups exist because confident, determined individuals see a different way of doing things.  It’s this difference that defines the organization through its culture and offerings.  As start-ups grow there will be an inevitable need to bring in brighter minds than the status quo, in an effort to push the innovation onward and up. However, alluring [...]

Coming to Crisler: 2018 F Colin Castleton Commits to Michigan

by Garrett Fishaw @ MGoFish

Skilled big men have been a part of the John Beilein recipe for success since day one. And the longtime Wolverines head coach has himself another big guy that can score in the basketball as Read More ...

Slow Week

by noreply@blogger.com (Sean) @ The 614

I haven't posted lately, but there's just not much to post about. The football team isn't doing much until that game they have in January that you may have heard about. The basketball team kicks off a week of pretty big games on Saturday, but until then, there's not a lot going on.

So, in the meantime, I'm doing a little work behind the scenes on the site. I'm working on a redesign, but getting things to look and work the way I want has proven to be a bit of a pain. But it's getting there.

While I'm doing that, you can take a look at a couple links that I've been meaning to post, if you so desire. First is My Casual Thoughts, a blog run by Andy, a Buckeye fan behind enemy lines in Ann Arbor. I finally added it to the sidebar a while ago, but I figured I'd mention it in a post.

Secondly, back when I was complaining about the National Championship ticket situation, I got mentioned over at SeatSmart's blog. It's a site with the goal of allowing fans better information about tickets, in part by searching several sites that sell tickets to return pricing info. Take a look, if you're so inclined.

Nose Tackle Michael Hill Returns for Buckeyes This Week

by Tony Gerdeman @ The-Ozone

The Ohio State defense will be bolstered this week by the return of fifth-year senior nose tackle Michael Hill. Hill has spent the first half of the season serving an undisclosed suspension, but defensive coordinator Greg Schiano confirmed on Tuesday that Hill will be back in the mix Saturday night. “It’s a good shot in the arm...

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Hail To The Victors (And Justin Paul)

Hail To The Victors (And Justin Paul)


An “amaizing” performance at Michigan’s graduation

Which Buckeyes Have Graded Out as Champions Every Week?

by Tony Gerdeman @ The-Ozone

Every week during Urban Meyer's Monday press conference, he will read off the list of Buckeyes who graded out as champions in the previous game. The grading scale changes for each position group, but for each player it is a mark of how well they played at their respective positions. Since this is the halfway point of the regular season...

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Football: Trevon Grimes away from team due to family health issue

by Colin Hass-Hill @ The Lantern

Ohio State freshman wide receiver Trevon Grimes is temporarily away from the team, head coach Urban Meyer said Wednesday evening. “Trevon is dealing with family health issues. He’s doing — I saw him, he’s doing great,” Meyer said. Meyer declined to expound on the issue “out of respect for [Grimes] and his family.” Despite being ...

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